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I've never given up the tea.

This and my mother are the only things I have left.

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Name:Jules de Ferrier | Cascade
Birthdate:Dec 19
On n'aime que ce qu'on ne possède pas tout entier.

canon: Kaze to Ki no Uta
age: 18
born: Honfleur, Normandy, France; 1862
canon point for games: volume 4; Lacombrade Academy, southern France; late 1880 - early 1881

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I'm always open for musebox and meme invitations of most kinds (see permissions post for details), particularly from canonmates and other classic shoujo muses!





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angst, background flowers, being a mama's boy, being an old lady, being fabulous, being rosemarine's bitch, being smarter than you, bitchy blondes, books, catholicism, classy shit, cockblocking, creeping, did i mention tea, expensive shit, fabulousness, fanboying nature, fanboying tea, flowers and gardens, frilly shawls, gilbert, having tea, holidays, hopefully sex, hurhurhurr, internal conflict, lazy genius power, lots of sparkles, money, mothering everyone, my family, my hair, my mommy, nature, not being poor, opera dates, porn novels, pretty boys, providing hairporn, reading, romance novels, rosemarine, rosemarine's ass, rosemarine's hair, roses, scheming, skipping grades, sophisticated shit, sparklemotion, sparkling, sparkly shit, tea, tea-flavoured condoms, topping on tuesdays, traumatized blondes
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